EL Recruitment

Eternal Legacy is looking for more experienced and dedicated raiders to help fill out our ranks as we progress through raiding content!

Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7 - 11:00 MST. Raiders are expected to be online 30 minutes prior to raid time, to assist in forming the group and summoning raid members to the raid location. Invites go out at 6:30, and all raid members are expected to be in the instance and ready to pull at 7. Runs may occasionally go longer then the time listed. On our days off, our members run alt 10 mans, battlegrounds, and heroics. The guild also hosts monthly events for fun and prizes.

What we look for in our Raiders

Guild members of the rank Raider will have priority for spots in the raid group for 25 mans.

Guild members of the rank Raider will have priority for spots in the raid group for 25 mans. Being this rank does not mean you will get into every raid, it just means you CAN raid if needed. In order to retain Raider rank, you need to be at our level of raiding, including gear properly gemmed and enchanted, experience, and skill. The raid group will be put together by the raid leader, determined by the composition needed. (If you are sat, /join elstandby and be ready to be brought in if needed) You will be expected to reserve your main's 25-man raid IDs for the guild. At raid time, you should be prepared with all materials necessary to raid such as flasks, potions, food, repairs, etc. Raiders are also given full access to the food tab in the guild bank from which they may withdraw consumables to buff them during raids. All raiders will be reviewed on a regular basis by the council. Raiders who cannot meet the above requirements will be demoted to the Member rank.

  • Attendance
    Attending all four raids is preferred, but predetermined real life situations come first (work, family etc). Signing up for raids on the website is required to let us know your availability. You also need to be consistent in your schedule so that we know that we can depend on you to be there if you signed up.

  • Preparation
    We expect each and every one of our raiders to come prepared to every single raid. Being prepared includes coming with your Reagents, Flasks, Potions, Well-fed Buff Food, knowledge of the instance, and with an attitude to raid.

  • Conduct During the Raid
    During a raid, we expect our raiders to stay focused on the task at hand. Keeping vent clear for the raid leader and knowing your assignment are necessary for all of our raiders to understand.

  • Getting Prepared Outside of the Raid
    Upgrading your gear in every way you can outside of the raid is what we look for in all our raiders. Picking up all upgrades outside of the raid (via heroics, voa etc) epic gems, and best enchants available to you are a must.

We do expect our raiders to stay on task, and focus during raids, but in the end our ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves! EL prides itself for being a fun raiding guild. We love to get things done, while still having a great time.

What we can offer you

While our focus is end-game content, Eternal Legacy is about more than just raiding. We enjoy the whole game, not just end-game content. As such, you will also see us hosting events, running instances, pvping and more. For us, this guild is more than a means to an end. It is home. Some of the benefits of being a part of our group include:

  • An open invitation to all guild hosted events.

  • Private access to our Guild Web site.

  • Access to our Guild Ventrilo server.

  • Access to the Guild Bank for consumables, as well as the ability to purchase guild attained BOEs, enchants, gems, etc. for half AH price.

  • Access to people with high skill levels in all trade professions.

  • Access to a large pool of people to run instances/heroics/battlegrounds/arena with.

  • An awesome group of friends!


  • Must be level 85.

  • Ready and experienced for current content.

  • Raiding schedule availability.

  • Raiding specced, gemmed, etc.

  • Agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and DKP rules.

Things that will greatly help your application

  • WWS / WMO / WoL parses.

  • Previous end game raiding experience.

  • Gear to match your raiding progression.

  • Effort in writing your application!

    Applications with a couple of lines will simply be declined right away. If you can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes writing a decent well thought out application, don’t bother applying.

If you meet these requirements, and Eternal Legacy sounds like a good fit for you, click here to apply.

Any questions, feel free to ask an officer in game or post on our forums:

Khrull(GM), Lightpelt, Racci, Faerena, Grazh


About Our Recruitment Process 

Eternal Legacy runs a tight raiding roster, generally with no more than 30 ranked raiders. We do this to promote a healthy raiding environment without the cutthroat tactics employed by some hard-core raiding guilds. This of course means that we look for strong raiders who will show up on time, know the strats, and be prepared. However, we also want people who we can hang out and have fun with the rest of the hours in a day. Both of these reasons combine into a very stringent recruitment process.

When you post your application, the entire guild is able to read and post comments on it, which they most certainly will do. You can see what they say by logging on using the account you create when you first submit your application - and we strongly encourage you to return to the site, read the comments, and respond.

Be aware that we do not employ the "spaghetti" theory of recruitment (invite everyone, throw them at the wall and see if they stick). Rather, we take our time to get to know each applicant. We WILL look at your logs, spec and gear. We WILL ask you questions about them. We may also ask you personal questions to get a feel for whether or not your personality will be a good fit for the guild. DO NOT throw in the towel if your application is outstanding for a week or more. We are looking into you and your app, and we will get back to you with our decision once we have made a fully considered opinion.


*You will need to supply a valid email address and confirm that address in order for your application to go through.

**When creating your account, please insure that your user name matches your character name!