Guild Structure

  1. The guild is managed by a council of equal officers. The Officers and Guild Leader are members of the guild council. As Guild Leader, Khrull is the chairperson of the council.

    All decisions that affect the guild are voted on by the council, and require a majority ruling to pass. All members of the council, including the GL, have 1 vote.

  2. Council meetings are held on a weekly basis. Most decisions that affect the guild are voted on during this time. Any officer may call for a vote on a decision.

  3. In case of an emergency, a simple majority of those officers online constitutes a decision.

  4. When it is appropriate, a poll may be posted in the general guild forums to find out what members of the guild think about an issue affecting the guild. The results of such polls are not binding and must be voted on by the officers.

  5. Any member with a concern, complaint, comment, question, or idea for improvement may whisper any officer to discuss the matter.

  6. Any guild member may also request to be brought into a council meeting if they wish to present an idea or discuss a situation with all of the officers.

Guild Council

  1. Currently Serving Council Members

    • Khrull
    • Faerena
    • Lightpelt
    • Racci
    • Argath
    • Skullcrusher
    • Grazh
    • Olducu
    • Rhymed
  2. Special Duties: there are a few special duty positions assigned to council members and veterans:

    • Recruitment Officer (Racci): responsible for determining needed classes and actively recruiting members who will be able to fill those needs and work well with the guild.

    • Guild Relations Officer (Lightpelt): Providing the published visual and written face of the guild. This oficer is responsible for all published materials on the guild website, and official guild responses on forums when necessary.

    • Special Events Coordinator (Lightpelt) : responsible for coming up with and organizing special events for the guild.

    • Raid Leader (Khrull): The primary raid leader is responsible for organizing and managing official guild run raids. The raid leader has full authority over the entire raid while it is going on. Failure to comply with the raid leader's instructions during raids may result in disciplinary action.

    • DKP Officer (Rhymed): Tracks, calculates and maintains all DKP points awarded for all guild events. All officers have the ability to manage DKP points, and all guild members have the ability to view DKP, but it is the DKP officer who is ultimately responsible for DKP Distribution.

Guild Ranks

  1. Guild Leader / Officer: The Guild Leader and Officers are ranks that manage the guild. They are broken up into primary areas of management responsibility. Officers meet regularly and work together to accomplish the objectives of the guild. Officers are in active positions associated with specific areas of guild management.

    Officer Alt: This rank is reserved for the various alts belonging to our officers. Officer alts have access to the officer chat channel, may read/write Public Notes, and read/write Officer Notes.

  2. Veteran: This rank is given to veteran raiders that are experienced with raiding as well as how the guild runs. Veterans carry additional responsibilities regarding the guild website, raid organization, strategy development, and DKP tracking. Members with this rank are not in an authoritative position, but act as an advisory to the council, assisting in guild administration.

  3. Raider: Guild members of the rank Raider will have priority for spots in the raid group for 25 mans. Being this rank does not guarantee you will get into every raid, it just means you CAN raid if needed. In order to retain Raider rank, you need to be at our level of raiding, including gear properly gemmed and enchanted, experience, and skill. The raid group will be put together by the raid leader, determined by the composition needed. Attending all four raids per week is preferred, but predetermined real life situations come first (work, family etc). Signing up for raids on the website is required to let us know your availability. You also need to be consistent in your schedule so that we know that we can depend on you to be there if you signed up. You will be expected to reserve your 25-man raid IDs for the guild. At raid time, you should be prepared with all materials necessary to raid such as flasks, potions, food, repairs, etc. Raiders are also given full access to the food tab in the guild bank from which they may withdraw consumables to buff them during raids. All raiders will be reviewed on a regular basis by the council. Raiders who cannot meet the above requirements will be demoted to the Backup Raider or Member rank.

  4. Backup Raider: Backup raiders are competent raiders that fit our raiding requirements, but the position they would fill in the raid roster is currently occupied. Backup Raiders act as fill-ins for the main raids when needed, and have first dibs on all Alt/Backup 25 man raids. If a position becomes available in the main raid, Backup Raiders will be the first considered to fill this position. Backup Raiders are eligible for full dkp, under the same strictures of the DKP rules as the Raider rank.

  5. Member: This rank is reserved for members of the guild who have joined in a non-raiding capacity. Members can run 10-man raids(or alt 25 raids) and they may earn DKP, used to purchase items from the gbank or alt raids, by running premade battlegrounds. If a need exists, Members may occasionally be asked to fill in an open spot in a DKP earning raid, at the raid leader's discretion.

  6. Warlord: Warlord rank is reserved for strict PVP guild members. Warlords are eligible to attend rated battlegrounds and organize guild pvp events.

  7. Alts: Raider and Member alts.

  8. Initiate: New guild members are placed at the Initiate rank. The evaluation period for a new recruit will be approximately 2 weeks. In this time, the initiate will be evaluated based on their adherence to the raiding requirements, and their fit in the guild. If at any time during this period the initiate does not seem to be working out well in the guild, they will be removed. At the end of the evaluation period, the initiate will be evaluated for placement into the appropriate rank. 

* If a member of any rank experiences a change in scheduling or circumstances they may request to be moved to another rank by speaking with an officer. You will need to meet all of the requirements for the requested rank. The final decision to promote is the purview of the council.