The guild rules define both who we are as a guild, and how we expect ourselves and others to be treated. while there are many rules that apply to specific situations within the world of warcraft game, one caveat stands above the rest:

Treat everyone with respect and honor. (see rule number 5)

Code of Conduct

  1. Respect guild members and strangers alike and treat them as you would want to be treated. Remember that you represent the guild in your actions. you have a tag above your head and everything you do is representative of the guild. (see rule number 5)

  2. No extortion of Guild members. we are here to help one another. Trading is fun and helpful!

  3. No begging. This includes but is not limited to begging for Gold, sexual favors, Instance running, and power leveling.

  4. Try to restrict your use of profanity and sexual depravity in Guild chat and Vent. Kids play this game, geez!

  5. Don't be an idiot.

  6. Don't stand in the fire. GTFO. This means you! (see rule number 5)



  • Preparation

    We expect each and every one of our raiders to come prepared to every single raid. Being prepared includes coming with your Reagents, Flasks, Potions, Well-fed Buff Food, knowledge of the instance, and with an attitude to raid. Your gear should always be upgraded, gemmed and enchanted and at the best level you can achieve. We have numerous crafters at max level for every profession who can help you prepare.

  • Signups

    Raiders are expected to sign up on our website if they wish to be included in the raid group. This is not a guarantee that you will be included in every fight! It is simply a way of letting the raid leader know that you are available. It is the raid leader's responsibility to choose the party that incorporates the best class mix for that particular raid. Signing up available AND unavailable is required, as it helps to let the raid leader know whether you will be there, and if not, why.

  • Attendance

    We expect you to be available for most nights on our raid schedule. Being there every raid day is ideal, and will help to guarantee your raid position.

  • Conduct During the Raid

    During a raid, we expect our raiders to stay focused on the task at hand. Keeping vent clear for the raid leader and knowing your assignment are necessary for all of our raiders to understand. The raid leader's word is law. Do as he or she says or be asked to leave the raid. No exceptions.

  • Breaks / AFKs

    We will have scheduled breaks periodically throughout the raid to give people a chance to repair, restock, take a bio break or whatever. Please restrict your AFKs to these times, unless it is an absolute emergency.

  • Required Raiding Mods

    Deadly Boss Mods, a threat meter such as Omen Threat Meter, Raid Frames (such as VuhDo, Grid or X-Perl); these mods are necessary to insure the success of the group as a whole, and are therefore required for every member of the raid to use.

  • 10 Man Raid IDs & Loot

    10 mans will be on a Master Looter /roll system. Raid leaders are responsible for determining group composition, times, etc. It is up to the raid leader's discretion whether a 10-man will be listed on the calendar for signups or run with a static group. Anyone interested in joining a particular group should speak with the raid leader. If you are interested in starting a group of your own, pugging, or running with another guild, you are welcome to do so. There are no guild restrictions placed on 10 man raids. We do however ask that anyone with a raider or backup raider rank refrain from running 10 mans when a 25 man raid is scheduled.

  • 25 Man Raid IDs & Loot

    You will be expected to reserve your 25-man raid IDs for the guild. 25-man Raid Looting is a bid-based DKP system. You can read a full explanation of this system here: EL DKP RULES.


Raid Roster Substitution Policy

The Raid Manager is responsible for managing substitutions. The first premise is that if you are getting a raid invite then you are capable of contributing to any fight we're working on. With that premise in mind, substitutions are intended to insure that people get plenty of face time during raids. We will not typically substitute a lot of people at once, rather it will usually be a small number between each boss fight so that subs can happen quickly and don't radically alter the raid composition.

  • What Happens When You Are On Standby

    When a substitution is made, the raid manager will whisper the person he intends to bring in, or call them out in vent. This will typically happen while loot distribution is taking place. 
    If you do not respond you will not come in and we'll go on to the next person and you'll wait till the next fight. 

  • What Happens When You Are In Raid

    When subs are made the raid manager will announce it, and if you are not in groups 1-5 you need to zone out. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: We're not subbing you out because you suck or we don't like you, we're subbing you out because someone else currently sitting deserves a chance to raid too. 

  • How To Avoid Sitting For The Bosses You Really Really Want

    If there's a boss that drops a particular piece of loot that you desperately need and really want and are willing to spend gobs of DKP on until you get the drop you want the raid manager will do his best to accommodate you. To do that you need to post in the Raid Roster Substitution Policy thread your wish list of bosses you need badly and the specific loot items you want. Please note that depending on the number of people and group comp we need we might not have a choice in getting you in for a preferred boss. However we will always make an effort to insure that each and every raider gets an opportunity to get what they need to the best of our ability.



  • Rated BGs

    Rated BGs will be treated similarly to Arena teams. All positions are subject to the BG leader. No guarantees will be made to anyone to have a position within the group.


Alts and Inactivity

There is no limit to the number of alts you may bring into the guild, but we do expect that you actually play any alts that you bring in. All alt characters are assigned a rank of Alts and will be expected to have a last logged in date of no more than 15 days. Inactive alts under level 80 will be removed from the guild after 15 days of inactivity. Like mains, Inactive alts over level 80 will be removed from the guild after 30 days of inactivity. If you have a real life situation and need to be offline for longer than this period, you will need to let an officer know.

If you remove your main from the guild, all alts will also be removed from the guild.

Ventrilo Voice Chat

There are no rank or other restrictions on who may use the Vent server. This can also include friends outside of the guild, if you need a place to communicate. Everyone not in the guild will be granted GUEST status, and will be subject to the same rules and regulations as all of our guildmates. Namely, to treat everyone with respect, and always abide by rule number 5 (see above).


Guild Bank

We encourage everyone to contribute to the guild bank, ie food/fish, materials, gems, etc. The guild bank is for all of us to enjoy, but it is only fair that if you plan to make withdrawals, you will need to have also made contributions.

Guild members of any rank above initiate are eligible to request a withdrawal from the guild bank. If you would like to make a withdrawal, you should ask a member of the council, and be prepared to input half AH price.

  • Some item withdrawals cost DKP. These are distributed through bank auctions which are announced in the Guild Message of the Day

    Everything else can be bought for half the average Auction House price of the item.

  • We encourage you to purchase items in the guild bank by donating raiding goods worth the above named value rather than cash. (eg, purchasing mats for an enchant could be done by donating several stacks of food, primals, or potions as opposed to cash)

  • Food and other raid consumables are stored in a separate tab in the guild bank, which is open to members of the rank Raider and above.

  • If a member has a need for a large sum they do not currently have access to, a loan may be requested from Guild Bank funds. If you wish to acquire a loan, you must submit your request to the council with full details on what you need the money for, and what your plan to reimburse the guild bank will be. A majority vote of the council is required for a loan to be given.


Disciplinary Actions

  1. Abiding by the code of conduct is every guild member’s responsibility. Members who fail to abide by the rules, or incite drama and dissension within the guild will be faced with disciplinary action.

    Disciplinary actions may be given by any officer if it is deemed necessary.

  2. Each infraction will be dealt with individually depending upon severity and frequency.

  3. Disciplinary Escalation: Verbal warning > Raid removal / DKP reduction > Guild removal.

  4. Disputes with council decisions may be brought before the council, but should not be discussed in guild chat. If a member wishes to speak to the officers regarding a decision, they may request to either make a presentation at the next council meeting, or to speak in a seperate vent channel to the council members who are currently online.

  5. In severe situations, the council reserves the right to bypass the disciplinary actions described above in favor of more immediate action.