Goals for DKP System

Our intention is to build a looting system that is fast and impartial, provides an incentive for our raiders to continue raiding both farm and progression content, and is open enough to allow newer raiders to recieve upgrades they need to be able to compete in the raid.


Earning DKP

DKP is accrued in 25-man raids only. 10-mans and other instances will follow a /roll, master looter structure.


Points are awarded for:

4 DKP Signup Bonus
2 DKP/Hour Every 1 hour in the instance
6 DKP/Hour Every 1 hour on progression content
20 DKP Hard Mode Progression Kill (Kills 1-3)
10 DKP Hard Mode Farm Kill (4+)
10 DKP Normal Mode Progression Kill (1-3)
5 DKP Normal Mode Farm Kill (4+)
+5 DKP Achievement Earned with Kill
4 DKP Completion Bonus

A progression bonus of 3x the dkp value of the time/boss will be awarded for all time spent working on progression content, rounded up to the nearest 10.

Standby DKP is awarded to raiders in the raid group. Standby raiders will receive full DKP with the rest of the raid, although they will not be awarded bonuses.


DKP Examples

Using this system, lets assume a raid in which we kill 4 bosses, do one achievement and make 1 hour of attempts on a new boss. The raid lasts for 4.5 hours. If you:


Signed up on our website and showed up ready & on time 4 DKP
Killed 4 (normal/farm) bosses 20 DKP
Completed one Achievement 5 DKP
3.5 Hours (farm)
1 Hour (progression) 6 DKP
Progression Bonus 20 DKP
Attended full raid 4 DKP

66 DKP


Same raid as above for a raider on standby:

Signed up on our website and showed up ready & on time 4 DKP
Standby4 (normal/farm) bosses 20 DKP
3.5 Hours (farm) 7 DKP
1 Hour (progression) 6 DKP
Attended full raid 4 DKP

41 DKP


Spending DKP

When loot is dropped and the raid is out of combat, the raid leader or master looter will link the item in raid chat and open the floor for bidding. Raiders will have 1 minute to post a WRITTEN BID in raid chat. You may continue to barter with another raider if they outbid you, but the bids must be written to avoid confusion. During this time, Raid chat must be kept completely clear of anything except for actual people placing bids.

Minimum Starting Bid Prices are as follows:

5 DKP for Tier Gear/Recipes/Class specific items
10 DKP for all other drops

  • All bidding will be done in increments of 5 DKP

  • A player cannot go negative in their DKP points.

  • Items that are BOE that nobody in the raid is willing to spend DKP on will be deposited in the guild bank. Regular weekly DKP auctions are held for guild members to bid on these items for alts (NOT the AH!)

  • Other materials found in the guild bank (enchanting mats, flasks, gems, etc) can be purchased for half AH price.

  • If nobody is willing to spend the DKP on a BOP item, it will be sharded. Shards will be deposited in the guild bank.


Off Specs, Alts and Members

Each charcter in the raid has a declared Main spec, which is the talent spec that the toon was recruited for, and normally raids with. However, the guild may occasionally ask a raider to respec to a different set of talents or bring in a raiding alt of another class. We want to be sure that these alts or off-specs are eligible to recieve gear to keep them up to raiding par, but we also want to continue to insure the success of the raid by maintaining the best gear for each raider's main spec.

  • Guild ranked MEMBERS are subject to the same DKP cap as Alts and Off-Spec bidders, as they are not primary contributers to the guild's progression raids.

  • All characters are required to declare a main spec.

  • Main spec and off spec may bid on any item that drops equally, including alts. HOWEVER:

  • A DKP cap of 200 will be placed on the amount that a member, alt or off spec may bid for an item.

This means that when a piece of gear drops that you are interested in, either for a member's main spec, a raider's off spec, or an alt's main/off spec (provided the alt is in the raid) you may bid on it up to 200 dkp. If a raider needs the item for their main spec, they may bid any amount over 200 and the item is automatically theirs (or they would continue bidding with other raider main specs). If only members, alts or off specs are bidding, then the bidding may continue above 200 until one person wins the item.


Other Notes

  • DKP will be accrued by a PLAYER, not by a character. So if one player has multiple alts, those alts will use the player's DKP pool to purchase loot. However, only the character in the raid at that moment will be allowed to spend DKP on items. If you wish to use an item on an alt, that alt must purchase the item from the guild bank. (applies to BOE items)

  • DKP points are NOT TRANSFERABLE. You may not use your own DKP points to help buy another person's gear, or award your own DKP to another person.

  • All new members entering the system will be given a starting amount of 20 DKP. This means when the DKP system is first introduced, every guild member received 20 DKP. Additionally, any new members joining the guild will start with 20 DKP.

  • Pugged characters will be given a virtual amount of 25 DKP to spend during the course of the raid. (This amount would reset each time that same person was pugged into a guild group, unless it became a regular arrangement at which time the council may determine to allow this individual to accrue DKP regularly as if they were a guild member.)

  • DKP cannot be spent before it is tallied. This means you cannot spend DKP points that you acquired in the present raid.

  • DKP will be tracked by officers via our website. To see your current DKP, at the top of this page, click on the menu link labeled DKP, and then click the link on the left menu labeled Leaderboard. You can also get notification of your DKP in-game: /w Lightpelt GLRR

  • Any main raider that takes an extended break from raiding (1 month or more) or leaves the guild on their raiding toon for more than one week, (even if non-raiding alts are left in the guild) will receive a significant reduction to the DKP accrued while they were a main raider.

  • DKP can be awarded for any number of other reasons, at the officers' discretion. This can include attendance to guild functions such as events, meetings, PVP raids, contributions to the guild bank, and helping other guildies. These types of DKP awards will be announced as they are available.

  • In extreme situations, DKP can be taken from guild members. If the member continuously causes problems by being late, signing up and not coming, abusing the system or other guildmates, behavioral problems etc., the coucil may vote to deduct DKP. This will only be used as a last resort and will require a consensus of at least 3 officers.


10 Man Raids

10 mans will be on a Master Looter /roll system. Raid leaders are responsible for determing group composition, times, etc. It is up to the raid leader's discretion whether a 10-man will be listed on the calendar for signups or run with a static group. Anyone interested in joining a particular group should speak with the raid leaders. If you are interested in starting a group of your own, pugging, or running with another guild, you are welcome to do so. There are no guild restrictions placed on 10 man raids. We do however ask that anyone of raider rank refrain from running 10 mans when a 25 man raid is scheduled.


Special Circumstances

Legendary Items will be distributed based on a decision made by Loot Council. The Loot Council will be made up of officers, and the decision will be made before the item drops. Decisions will be based on dependability, attendance and class appropriateness. If any council member is eligible to receive the item, they will recuse themselves from the Loot Council decision making process.

Vanity Items such as mounts and pets that have no actual bearing on the raid or the character's gear will be distributed via random roll. To be eligible to roll on current content vanity items, one needs to be a raider rank or higher, on their declared guild main, needs to have been in the guild for a minimum of 6 months, and needs to have met 90% attendance rate and participation within the past 6 months.
*Bags are not considered vanity items, as they provide a benefit to the raider, and are therefore subject to dkp.


Raider Inactivity and DKP

Any individual taking an extended break from raiding, or leaving the guild (with non-raiding alts kept in the guild) will be moved down to member rank. This would reduce their current DKP by 75%, to a minimum of 200 DKP. This is a permanent reduction to DKP. If the member returns to raider status the DKP loss will not be reimbursed.

An extended absence from raiding is defined as thirty(30) days of zero(0) available/tentative sign ups. This would result in an automatic change to member rank. If the member does not log on for an additional 30 days they will be removed from the guild for inactivity. Raiders can contact ANY officer to prevent this rule from taking effect, as long as a valid and acceptable reason is given.

If a player's main raiding toon's tag does not display Eternal Legacy as their guild name, they are traitors and should be shot ...oh uh... This would indicate a status of not being in our guild as a raider. This action would immediately reduce the player to member status. Provided the raider leaves in good standing, their alts will be allowed to remain, but a penalty of 75% of their DKP will be deducted from their DKP account. The officers withhold the right to determine what is considered your main raiding toon. To change your current raiding toon, please contact an officer. Creating a guild of the name Eternal Legacy on another server would not invalidate this rule.